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RoroDesignsLove was born during a time when Mina Mallea needed an escape from every day life. After having lost her father to cancer, and then giving birth a month later, she wanted to find a way to make her father and her new daughter proud. She began drawing and designing all the quirky things that to came to mind; from a sassy and judgmental Jesus, to a sweet pastel goth Baphomet, to human rights, and everyday affirmations. Then thought, "Why not turn these into stickers?"

This mini venture expanded into making other things that stick, like the ever popular window cling suncatchers and spicy magnetic bookmarks.

Almost 2 years into this and we've already shipped to all states across the US and three different countries.

You will find that these stickers are like no other. Tested multiple materials and found the best to provide great stickers for you. They are made from bright high quality waterproof premium vinyl sticker paper. The ink is sealed in with a clear glossy laminate. This in house curated process, combined with these high quality materials, gives you the best feeling stickers. We know you'll love them!